Oracle’s Flagship Product The SuperCluster M6-32


Another update from Oracle Open World 2013, Oracle has announced their Flagship Product the Supercluster M6-32 this latest version is their fastest in memory system yet on the Sparc chipset. The hardware specs are very impressive and you can combine both Database and Applications all together on one box, perfect for consolidation.


  • Oracle’s fastest and most scalable engineered system
  • SuperCluster on Sparc is the fastest chipset on the market – beat IBM P Series
  • Ideal for running mission-critical database and applications in memory and consolidating the largest workloads
  • With up to 32 TB of Memory
  • 32 Processors, 12 cores/CPU, 384 cores total
  • Can scale out and add more storage and servers
  • OLTP, Datawarehousing
  • Complex applications
  • Supports In-memory databases
  • Applications and Databases can be run simultaneously together
  • Will Support Solaris Containers or Zoning



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