With busy weeks of IOUG and other conferences coming up, we have little time to blog…. So, in the coming weeks, I’m just going to do some “baby” blogs; i.e., some quick tips and new features

Here’s a new 12c new feature that simplifies snapshotting databases

Snapshot Optimized Recovery

There’s many of you that take snapshot copies of database, either via server-side snapshot tools or using storage level snapshots. Usually this required a cold database or putting the database in hot-backup mode. However, there are downsides to both options

In Oracle 12c, third-party snapshots technologies that meet the following requirements can be taken without requiring the database to be placed in backup mode:

Database is crash consistent at the point of the snapshot.
Write ordering is preserved for each file within a snapshot.
Snapshot stores the time at which a snapshot is completed.

The new RECOVER SNAPSHOT TIME command is introduced to recover a snapshot to a consistent point, without any additional manual procedures for point-in-time recovery needs.
This command performs the recovery in a single step. Recovery can be either to the current time or to a point in time after the snapshot was taken

Though there is a bit upfront overhead; e.g.,additional redo logging and a complete database checkpoint.